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19 california Abigail ❤🐘 😊

Does anyone have any good bands to listen to in the dark? Serious question. Reply ASAP. K. Thnk.



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A Few Summer Style Staples: Denim, Seersucker, Floral Print, and a Nice pair of Wing Tips ;)

Look how cute he is dressed!


Suzanne is so important


this body is my home. it’s where i live, eat, sleep, love, cry, hug, work, and everything else. you wouldn’t allow someone to repeatedly come to YOUR home and treat you badly, would you? then try not to do it to yourself. you live here. if someone else tries to come in to your home and make a mess, tell them they aren’t invited back. ever again.

pipers reaction to polly and larry is my reaction to polly and larry 


I don’t know what sparked me to draw this 

I have a shitty best friend and i have no one to talk to when i feel down. Im so depressed and im crying so hard i feel like i cant breath. I just want to sleep forever.